Why experts are present at the fair

The Foire de Chatou is organized by the largest antiques trade association in France, the SNCAO-GA. It accepts as exhibitors only professional dealers who are members of the association and nominated by their peers. The association is the guarantor of the quality of exhibits and requires exhibitors to truthfully present the objects that they sell. Irrespective of value or period, the essential requirement is that an object should be correctly described and sold for what it really is, to avoid the sale of new or fraudulent copies of antique originals.

This is the reason for the presence at the fair of experts. Their role is to examine the exhibits and, if necessary, have them withdrawn from the fair. They provide free certification of the authenticity and quality of the goods on offer, draw up certificates of authenticity on request and provide free advice before buying.

Their activity underpins the fair’s long-term reputation for excellence.

  • Pierre Bourgeois (member of CNES) is present throughout the fair.
  • Blandine Cambazard, gemmologist and expert on modern and antique jewellery (member of CEFA) is present during the weekends.







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