Art galleries are increasingly present at the Chatou Fair.

  New art galleries will be on hand at the 95th edition of the fair. Vincent Bouillet, based in Dijon, specialises in the art of Georges Laporte (1926-2000) and will present 20th-century paintings, while Loic Vallée offers contemporary art and furniture from the 1970s.

Marie Thérèse Boyrié is a gallery owner based in St Quirin, one of the most beautiful villages in France, located in the Vosges region. She is a leading figure on the antique scene as she was the first gallerist to present contemporary art at an antiques fair. Today, she represents painters and internationally known sculptures like Jivko, Hadrien David, Kasper and Gambino.

 The Jean-Paul Sourillan Gallery presents works by artists from the École de Paris such as Gen Paul, Bernard Buffet, Kijno and contemporary artist Beaufils.

Ghislaine Gantelmi d’Ile has distinctive tastes and offers a stylised selection presenting key modern art figures such as Georges Mathieu, Paul Sérusier and Maurice Denis.


The Galerie Bouscayrol will show leading modern art signatures such as Combas, Hambourg and Brayer, while Galerie Amalthée specialises in the École de Rouen.

We particularly appreciate the Breton works chosen by Yves Bouger, a gallery owner based in Granville, as well as the original presentation on the stands of Pierre Suzanne and Regis Anquez. Do not miss Thierry Chardon‘s bric-a-brac stand, where prints by Aurélie Nemours are shown alongside old paintings waiting to be rediscovered.

Dealers Catherine and Olivier Boucard of Galerie Tempera buy works of art as if they were collectors, always stressing provenance and quality. They show modern paintings from the 1920s and ’30s and abstract work from the 1950s.






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