Traders of bric-à-brac/Antique dealers: There are 800 of them.

Chatou: the Mecca of the bargain hunter !

It’s just like an institution, meeting twice a year, lovers of antique items come to Chatou. They come because this flea market is the Mecca of the bargain hunter, because it covers several acres and because you will never ever leave empty-handed.

We are pleased that traders come from many regions and offer a wide range  of arts and traditions from the land. Everybody attends, from recognised antique dealers to traders of bric-à-brac who are proud of their charming items. This openness of genres is guaranteed: At Chatou, you can allow yourself to dream as you do not need money to be happy here, it is important to hunt with your eyes open. Like any other tradesman, traders of bric-à-brac also make new merchandise available which adds to the dynamism of the fair.

So, come along to Chatou !

The National Flea Market of Chatou does not only attract all kinds of bargain hunters, the sight of this exhilarating, swarming and fun-packed hive of activity is already a genuine attraction shared by all.

So come and experience its unique energy and have a stroll along the Ile de Chatou where impressionists once came to glorify the banks of the river Seine.


Faced with the permanent increase in professional fairs, the use of the name « Antique Fairs », Flea Markets, etc., we believe that it is our responsibility as a professional union to try to bring some order to this. With this in mind, we have implemented a new procedure of approval with « specifications » in relation to the event. Our teamincludes a Departmental Head, CEFA (French Antique Experts Company) experts and there will eventually be an office bearer. It is responsible for verifying conformity with our specifications and awarding the « Certificate of Approval ».


If this certificate is awarded, organisers are entitled to use our « Quality Brand » in advertising the event in any way. It goes without saying that we widely distribute the list of approved fairs and events as well as our Quality Brand both to professionals and the general public.