Between 1960 and 1990, French television broadcasted many programmes for young people featuring iconic and endearing characters who have left a lasting impression on several generations of children.
Nounous, Casimir, Colargol, The Shadoks, Goldorak and so many others have left a tender and immortal memory in the hearts of so many children watching TV. This year, the Foire de Chatou devoted a special exhibition to celebrate all these characters which nowadays often appear in games and toys to the delight of so many antique dealers and collectors.
Put together by Christophe Mourthé, a great photographer who is passionate about the realm of childhood, this exhibition of toys will let you rediscover the figurines based on these wonderful characters. An exhibition that will inevitably revive the memories of the images and signature tunes from these children’s programmes, but also the places, events and personal memories of a carefree childhood.
Christophe Mourthé has spent years hunting for games, documents, playthings, soft toys dolls and figurines of all these heroes in flea markets, which now make up a magnificent collection, exhibited in this 97th edition of the Foire de Chatou.



To promote the role of antiquities and bric-a-brac in our society, the National Federation of Antique, Second-Hand Retailers and Art Galleries (SNCAO-GA) has devised the SAINT ROCH PRIZE for 2018. This award recognizes personalities from the world of music, theatre, cinema, television, gastronomy activism help to support and highlight the value of antiques and bric-a-brac to the general public.

Why the Saint Roch prize ?

Born in Montpellier, Saint Roch has been known as the patron saint of second-hand dealers since the 14th century. Depicted as pilgrim with his staff, gourd and bread box, he is always accompanied by a dog. This depiction will serve as a symbol of the SAINT ROCH PRIZEn which will be the perfect link between the world of bric-a-brac and its favorite personalities. 

Principle of the Saint Roch prize

Twice a year, following a vote, SNCAO-GA members will select artists and personalities who are passionate about antiques and bric-a-brac or who, through their direct or indirect actions, highlight the value of the antiques and bric-a-brac trade.

Description of the Saint Roch prize

Each recipient receives an official SNCAO-GA certificate in his or her name as well as personalized trophy engraved with a depiction of Saint Roch.

Antiquités, brocante, galeries d'art, produits du terroir