Chic collectibles

The Foire de Chatou is the perfect place to hunt for collectibles like the extremely refined objects found on the stand of Pierre Lemaître, who will exhibit for the first time at the fair. This certified expert with a doctorate in xylology, the study of wood, will show furniture and objects from the 17th and […]

Blandine Mandin’s home from home

The history of France plays a leading role in the legend of French style. The country is not lacking in emblematic figures who revolutionised the decorative arts. For Blandine Mandin, who has a great store of knowledge about and professional experience with Old Master drawing, painting and sculpture, French chic is about creating ambiance by […]

Kitchens of yesteryear from the Trémoulets

  What do a tin-plated copper basin, some pretty glass jars and a wooden spoon bring to mind? Jam-making, of course. Antique cooking utensils are highly evocative. On the stand of the Trémoulets, they call to mind grandma’s kitchen, where there was always something simmering on the stove or slowly roasting in the oven. Now […]

French Style

  The queen of flea markets offers visitors a real lesson in elegance in the open air. French furniture styles made famous by the Marquise de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette are more popular than ever, but visitors will also rediscover the chic of the Pompidou years, industrial pieces that have now become family furniture, works […]

A classic lifestyle

Turning his back on traditional French furniture was not an option for Franck Bridenne, a trained cabinetmaker who chose to ennoble historic styles and unique pieces of quality furniture by prolonging their life. His approach is not really about going back in time, since traditional French furniture has never been so present, providing as it […]

Napoleon III desk

This Napoleon III desk has an air of false severity with its imposing shape and dark colour, but it also serves as a safe home for its owner’s treasures and secrets. Dominique Dubuc understood this and has created a special setting for this piece by mixing it with other styles, even very modern ones. What […]

Mixing styles

  Classical furniture is easily paired with designer pieces: post-1950 design can be austere, but can also add lightness and colour to interiors. The Fauroux family – Évelyne and her children Mathieu, Hélène and Nicolas – are convinced of this. These guardians of tradition (they restore furniture, paintings and mirrors dating from the Haute Époque […]

Wood panelling: interior decoration in its own right

      Wood panelling is rarely noticed yet lends a room its personality while remaining discreetly in the background. The Foire de Chatou has the good luck to welcome once again this year one of the French specialists in the field, Philippe Renard. On his stand, he will offer a selection of 18th-century woodwork […]

The Pompidou years: chic design

  It was the best of times. The years 1969-74 were happy ones in France. Georges Pompidou, a lover of contemporary art, was president, and there was full employment as computer technology was being developed and the Centre Pompidou, with its atypical architecture, was being built. The designer Pierre Paulin, who was in charge of […]

A contemporary decor with objects from all eras

  Christophe Richême likes to mix periods and materials, as long as the piece of furniture or object is an antique and has something original about it. At Pèle-Mêle, his appropriately named 250-square-metre shop in the Jura department of France, customers might find Napoleon III bridal vases sitting alongside non-Western art objects on top of […]