Springtime gathering at Ile de Chatou. Transient or resident traders come from all over France to sell their latest second-hand items at an expansive antique fair with delightful second-hand items covering almost four acres of land which provides the amateur with a wealth of opportunities: there are business opportunities for anyone interested, at any rate is it not an opportunity to go out and have some fun, to buy an item you like regardless of the value ? …



It can be tricky or even very difficult to find an antique piece of furniture or a work of art.It requires thorough knowledge, or failing that, an unequivocal trust in the professionals who guide visitors in their choice : this is proposed at the Fair of Chatou where everyone can talk to specialists and obtain all the guarantees to which one is entitled in the field of antiques/bric-a-brac.




With more than 800 traders of bric-à-bric/antique dealers from the four corners of France, the National Flea Market of Chatou is comparable to a great international Antique market : Americans, Germans, Belgians, Italians, Dutch, 100.000 visitors never fail to attend the Autumn and Springtime gatherings at Ile de CHATOU of this National Flea Market which has become the most important European Antique/Bric-à-Brac event.

Any individual wishing to pass on a piece of furniture or an object will have no problems in finding a trader who is eager to purchase and who will go to the seller’s home and provide the desired security in terms of payment.


A plethora of objects, rare items of furniture which are useful, unusual or amusing make the Fle Market of Chatou the Mecca of the amateur or collector.

It is the place to be to track down a bargain and to rummage through items but it is also ideal if you want to stroll about and soak up the atmosphere : Every discovery you make is a source of particular pleasure.